Battle over PEDs

I have an admission – sometimes I call out fellow passengers for breaking the rules. Maybe it’s the former flight attendant in me, or maybe I’m just a rule-follower or a chicken shit, but there is no way I’m going to let someone endanger my life just so I can be a good neighbor. Of […]

“Friendly Skies”


As a huge fan of NPR (radio doesn’t get better than WHYY), I was thrilled to have my short story read on-air and posted online by the judges of All Things Considered’s writing contest. There are so many fantastic stories this round that I am truly honored to be in such great company.

When Working at Home Doesn't Mean Home

El Conquistador in Puerto Rico

Although I had plenty of work to do, I jumped at a last minute trip to Puerto Rico. My husband was sent there to support President Obama’s trip to South America, and thanks to spring break, all rooms in San Juan were full. Lucky for him, that meant a stay at a nice resort on […]

Train Travel: Low Speed Luxury


American efforts to revive leisure train travel have failed dismally, with luxury rail tours launching and suspending service every few years. Internationally, however, the art of old-fashioned rail culture is alive and well, and we’re not just talking Eurail. Top-of-the-line trains – often billed as “hotels on wheels” or “overland cruises” – operate in almost […]

My love story in the New York Times


I got married a few months ago, but my husband — a proud Air Force pilot from a small town in Georgia — doesn’t know how we met. Rather, he doesn’t know the path that led me to him. By the time he was perched on one knee and presenting an engagement ring, I feared […]

The Potomac Review

Potomac Review

LA Times


Check out my essay in the Los Angeles Times: There is an aspect of air travel that we’re likely to be putting out of our minds — pilots asleep at the yoke and flight attendants so tired their mental states can be likened to a drunken stupor. Most Americans are protected by the Fair Labor […]