Room at the Top


Knowing that The Irvine Company spent 20 years envisioning and untold millions building the Resort at Pelican Hill, you’d expect a lot. And if you were spending $1,450 a night to stay there, you’d expect even more. So what exactly would you get? According to the zealous staff, perfection. By Tiffany Hawk    “Perfection doesn’t […]

Star Quality


What does it take for a luxury hotel to earn its four- or five-star rating? A lot more than you think. By Tiffany Hawk “Good morning señoritas!” Fairmont Newport Beach Room Director Jerry Mong calls out with Richard-Simmons energy. “Good morning,” the housekeeping staff chants in unison. “How are you today?” “Fabulous,” they reply laughing. […]

How to Become a Travel Writer in Five Steps

NewYorkBy Jarda

1. Start with what you know. This could be your hometown, but it could also be a subject you know well. If you know a lot about wine or yoga or bikes – pitch a story on a new wine region or yoga retreat or bike tour. Real, demonstrable subject-matter experience means instant credibility.  And […]

Revising Smart – The Key to Better Writing


When I got my book deal, Tod Goldberg, the director of my MFA program, posted something about me on Facebook that I’m insanely proud of  – “Tiffany was never afraid to keep revising until her book was where it should be. Clearly, that is on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.” I think I want […]

How to Make Dreams Happen. Right Now. Even if You’re Scared.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. More than 25 years after Susan Jeffers released a bestselling book by that title, the go-get ‘em phrase remains a mantra for the world’s adventurous and successful. Hell, I never even read the book, but its title alone changed my life forever. When my college friends went backpacking […]

The Best Tools for Travel Writers


I can be convinced to part with my hair dryer, but there are a few things I won’t leave home without. Olloclip: I’m horribly lazy when it comes to toting around my camera, but I’m as attached to my iPhone as anyone. It’ll shoot a decent picture in a pinch, but 8 megapixels or not, […]

How to get a book deal? Be yourself.

new york publishers

Writers face a lot of rejection. When being turned down by literary journals and literary agents and magazines and book publishers, my grad school friends and I would console ourselves by saying, “at least we’re not trying to make it as models.” Seriously. Can you imagine rejection letters that point out unshapely thighs or outsized […]