God Bless the USO


I’ve spent plenty of time in airport USOs since becoming a military wife. We often stop by to take a break from the terminal, snack on home-made treats, and listen old-timers tell stories about Korea. Big or small – some are like a house while others are smaller than my kitchen – but I’ve never […]

Proud to be an American?


Originally published at the Huffington Post. The American flags flying all over my neighborhood this week got me thinking about my younger years and how so many of the well-traveled twentysomething Americans I knew got off on bashing their own country. This anti-American attitude seemed especially popular among those who’d had one post-college romp around […]

A 737 with missiles! Who knew?


My husband just heard about a promising new job op – flying 737s (great type-rating) out of Jacksonville (no winter!). We were thinking it was for transporting troops or distinguished visitors. It turns out said 737s are equipped with anti-ship and submarine missiles. In March, NAS Jacksonville got the first of 117 brand-new modified 737-800s, […]

Competing Views


The view from my husband’s hotel room on his first trip since the baby was born. The only reason I don’t hate him? This is my view. I think I have him beat.  

You Know You’re a Military Wife When


You’re worried your husband will miss the birth of your baby, an especially terrifying thought when you’re 2,500 miles away from family. My husband was asked to work a trip that would have him gone within three weeks of our baby’s due date. Of course, it could be worse. There’s no telling whether or not […]

You Know You’re A Military Wife When


You go to three going-away parties in one week. Saying goodbye is obviously a big part of the Air Force lifestyle, with officers moving every two to four years and sometimes even more often. Last night, though, the pace of moves really hit home. I was on my second going-away dinner of the week, and […]

Kafka's Pharmacy


As seen by my friend Dawn Scott at her base pharmacy. While being married to the military has many benefits, efficiency is not one of them.