Room at the Top


Knowing that The Irvine Company spent 20 years envisioning and untold millions building the Resort at Pelican Hill, you’d expect a lot. And if you were spending $1,450 a night to stay there, you’d expect even more. So what exactly would you get? According to the zealous staff, perfection. By Tiffany Hawk    “Perfection doesn’t […]

How to Become a Travel Writer in Five Steps

NewYorkBy Jarda

1. Start with what you know. This could be your hometown, but it could also be a subject you know well. If you know a lot about wine or yoga or bikes – pitch a story on a new wine region or yoga retreat or bike tour. Real, demonstrable subject-matter experience means instant credibility.  And […]

The Best Tools for Travel Writers


I can be convinced to part with my hair dryer, but there are a few things I won’t leave home without. Olloclip: I’m horribly lazy when it comes to toting around my camera, but I’m as attached to my iPhone as anyone. It’ll shoot a decent picture in a pinch, but 8 megapixels or not, […]

Think you want to become a flight attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant

Although I’m happily settled down as a mom, dog-owner, and successful travel writer and author, I have this recurring dream that I’m still a flight attendant. It usually starts with a call from the crew desk of one of my former airlines (United and Virgin America). Through a computer glitch, they have somehow forgotten I […]

What’s better than a free flight to Hawaii?

Skywriting flight attendant

A flight attendant. My love letter to air crew at Wandermelon. When I tell people I spent five years as a flight attendant, they often ask if I still get free flights to dreamy vacation destinations like Hawaii or Grand Cayman. Unfortunately not. What these folks don’t realize, though, is that holidays in Honolulu weren’t […]

Landing a flight attendant job

Flight Attendant Job Interview

Being a flight attendant isn’t easy, but it’s one of the best jobs on earth. Unless you’re extremely well-traveled already, you’ll probably see more places in your first few months on the job than you have in your life. You’ll work with incredible people, have a lot of time off, and no matter what, life […]

Love Me Anyway the Movie


Thanks to the amazing animator Jerrold Ridenour, what started off as a trailer turned into a brilliant short film and stand-alone portrait of the flight attendant life. We’re thrilled to be part of the DC Shorts Film Festival and hope you enjoy this deep look behind-the-scenes at 30,000 feet.